Arbitration and Mediation


The Resolution Alternative is an arbitration and mediation service that you may need. If you require an adjudication of your dispute but wish to avoid a public airing of the issue in a court room, an arbitrator may be the answer. Another advantage is scheduling the matter for times that are convenient to you and the other people involved. We have more than 25 years of experience and have arbitrated a great number of cases. We’re equipped to handle most disputes and resolutions. We strive to save you money on our services. Our approach is to work quickly and efficiently to reduce the amount of stress you may have and to help you use your time more efficiently. If you decide to accept our services, you should expect:

  • Reasonable rates
  • A patient approach
  • Easy scheduling
  • Quick response times
  • Openness to creative approaches.

In addition to specific arbitration issues, the arbitrator also brings his experience as a: Roster Arbitrator, Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan; Roster Arbitrator, Builder Arbitration Forum, Ontario New Home Warranty Program-TARION; Arbitration Roster Project, former Ontario Insurance Commission Arbitrator; Roster Arbitrator with ADR Chambers, working on FSCO damage claims connected with motor vehicle use. If you need the assistance of an arbitration provider, The Resolution Alternative is here to help. When you’ve decided you’re ready to proceed, contact us and we’ll work hard to bring your issues to a conclusion. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction.



If you have a conflict or potential conflict, the best time for mediation is most often before a court case has even started. Mediation is still available even after a court case has started. The basic idea behind mediation is quite simple: You don’t want other people making decisions for you-not a judge or the other party. You want to play an important part in creating and arriving at those decisions, but you could use some help. One popular definition: Mediation is voluntary processes in which clients agree to have an impartial person (the mediator) help them arrive at a joint, mutually agreed resolution to civil, family, or business issues. Our goal is to create a comfortable and calm setting, in which we can help you come to a satisfactory resolution of the issues. With over 25 years’ experience dedicated to mediation, The Resolution Alternative will help you discover the alternatives to costly court battles. Mediation is for people who prefer-if possible- to leave behind the adversarial approach, and who are looking for a quick and satisfying solution. Mediation-when you want to avoid an expensive, damaging, legal battle.

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